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Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Because I am incredibly lucky and Ms ForgetGutenberg is actually IN MY HOUSE and sitting on my couch, I just spent the last hour looking up potential books for the Fictional Hockey League and dramatically reading the the blurbs at FG.

I have discovered a book that is clearly brilliant. So brilliant that I was literally speechless and couldn't make words-- not even to read out loud-- for a moment. FG took my phone away from me to prove to herself that I wasn't making this stuff up...

Taken by the Weremoose

Rescued from a car accident by a moose on the loose, Jennifer's surprised her rescuer isn't an ordinary animal but a weremoose.
Cursed for the greatest of Canadian sins (besides hating hockey), Brandon was forced to remain a moose until he learned to be polite. Now able to switch to his human form after decades of celibacy, he is ready to make up for lost time.

After seeing the rugged muscled lumberjack, Jennifer is eager to show appreciation to her weremoose rescuer. Anything else would be impolite and that's not very Canadian.

I don't think there's actually much hockey in this short, but I miiiiight need to read it all the same...

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  1. This was glorious. And yes, I insist that you read it & report extensively. Because it will obvs be PURE GOLD.