The Fictional Hockey League

Critiquing hockey romance novels, of which there are many. Overthinking it is the point.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

It will return....

I haven't forgotten about you, little Fictional Hockey League. We've left characters in limbo and so many books unmocked.

I'm aiming for a mid-October return. Fingers crossed.


  1. It was the longest computer repair ever.

    1. Yes. Yes it was. Okay, not so much. The computer was fixed within a few weeks, but then summer got away from me and I was teaching a course I'd not done before and then I traveled and I fell in love with gardening and now the fall semester is *hellish* and I've been roped into directing a play I hadn't planned on. :(

      By the time Real Hockey Season is under way, Fictional Hockey Season should be too. Besides, I used to write most of these while watching games anyway... ;)