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Friday, May 22, 2015


So, the replacement part I need is on a slow boat from China. I'm not even kidding-- estimated arrival? Sometime between the first and twentieth of June. Meanwhile, I have my laptop, so that's good, but it's incredibly irritating to type on. Therefore, the FHL hiatus remains.

That said, it's not terrible timing, for me at least. I will have houseguests for the next week, so I had planned on taking a break from writing (although I had also planned to write enough posts beforehand that there'd be no interruption.)

Suffice it to say, I'll be back as soon as I can. We need to find out what happens to Grace "Dog-Stealer & Car Destroyer" Some Last Name and Zack "Hot Legs with a Broken Knee" Hoolihan!

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  1. Are we taking predictions? Here's mine:

    Zack has to stay with Grace, the world's cruellest person, since everyone else on the planet has been obliterated by a nuclear blast. They find themselves increasingly attracted to one another. One day, when the Dog runs across a busy freeway, Grace rescues him. "Why Grace, you do have a heart," Zack declares. Both are shocked to find he can walk again. Then she finally listens to him explain that the half-dressed woman in his room was some bimbo he had never seen before or since. "Why I love you, Hot Legs," she declares and he pulls out a sweater he has knitted with a big heart on it. Then they get married and skate happily into the sunset.