The Fictional Hockey League

Critiquing hockey romance novels, of which there are many. Overthinking it is the point.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I Kwit (Except Not Really)

Perhaps it's a sign, that evil snarky reviews of hockey romance novels shouldn't prevail. I WILL PREVAIL, HOWEVER. Just... not today.

Yeah, another hiatus. I broke my laptop's keyboard, and the town in which I live offers no quick places to get it fixed. (How am I typing this? Very carefully and with much irritation and gnashing of teeth and expletives.)

I'll return to you, FHL, as soon as I can. (Not to mention, me without a laptop? Pray for me...)


  1. Poor Commish! Although I have also wondered if my snarky reviews are bad karma. In any case, it's a break for you to rest up and watch playoffs.

    1. But I usually write posts while watching games. Sadness.

      No estimate yet on how long I'll be away. (Living in middle of nowhere has it's drawbacks, and prompt computer repair is apparently one of them.)