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Monday, December 8, 2014

Her Man Advantage: Post 7

Chapter 4: DRAMA!

Axel’s scene opens with him waiting for Jennifer after the team skate and musing on the documentary. He’s still worried about this old motorcycle gang. The narrative admits that as an NHL player, he’d always had a certain amount of exposure (gee, you think?) but he fears that if the documentary finds a wider audience the motorcycle gang will be upset with his “high-end lifestyle” (35). Apparently the “debt” he owes them is for letting him leave the gang nine years ago. That seems a long while for a grudge to be held by a motorcycle gang. And if they were as violent as he claims, who knows how many of the members from his time are even still alive?

He’s concerned enough about the situation that he called his foster family (the Murphys) and warned them. They are apparently wealthy enough to have the ability to increase their security at their “Cape Cod compound” (36).  So, apparently the Murphys are actually the Kennedys? Who has a “compound”?

Jennifer eventually joins Axel and she’s snippy and rude due to her jealousy. I think that’s incredibly unprofessional—but then, so was the embracing in the rink’s hallways the day before. Axel confronts her about it.

“Honestly?” She slammed the clipboard on the desk, sending a few loose papers flying. “I’m a little creeped out to think you have your own personal fan base following you around to your hotels when you travel” (38).

Axel points out that every sports team ends up with that kind of fan base. Jennifer counters.

“Well, I don’t see how you can object to a romantic story line for yourself when you’ve got a groupie with your jersey number tattooed on her like a neon sign” (38).

Uhhh, see my earlier point about Chelsea not needing Axel’s permission for that.

Instead of pointing that out, Axel says that Chelsea has every players’ number tattooed on her. He goes further to explain that the team doesn’t mind them hanging out around them because “that whole group has had a hard time of it” (38).

This interesting tidbit, however, is dropped in favor of Jennifer complaining that she doesn’t have a romantic storyline for her documentary. When Axel asks where she got her information on the team, she teases him and says his rejection of her the previous day sent her to another’s arms. She almost immediately reveals that it was the coach’s wife and being in her arms was a hug at the end of the evening.

Axel’s jealousy dissipates and he reassures her that his leaving her the day before wasn’t a rejection. Jennifer says she knows, and then there’s kissing. And then he sees, dunh-dunh-dunnnhhhh, that they’ve been caught on camera by one of the cameramen.


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