The Fictional Hockey League

Critiquing hockey romance novels, of which there are many. Overthinking it is the point.

Monday, April 20, 2015


I swear, the universe does NOT want me to finish reading or blogging about The Virgin's Secret Marriage. It's just been one thing preventing me from getting posts up after another. On one hand, it's possible that that's a protective instinct of the universe towards all of you (or possibly me). On the other hand, I'm seriously frustrated.

This time the fault lies in technology.

No Lu, it's not Tanev's fault. And anyway, you're not playing for Vancouver anymore.

The device upon which I read and highlight these romances is dead. D-E-D, dead.

Yes, Hank, that was my reaction, too.
I have a Nook (which I use for general reading) but it's very Not Good for the highlighting, for which I'd been using a small android tablet. Alas, it won't turn on now.

No, I didn't fling it through the glass due to the quality of the novels.
This means I can either use the Nook app on my phone or use the Nook itself. Which means that there ARE options, which is good. But they are far, far from ideal and will take a lot more time to write posts.

The Fictional Hockey League is absurdly important to me for reasons I don't care to try to figure out, so it WILL RETURN ASAP. I just have to find a work around and/or save up for a new wee tablet.

I'll keep you updated and will be back as soon as possible. Because dammit, we WILL FINISH this book. And start the next one. And continue on. 'Cuz I lurve this blog.

Yes. This is how much I love this blog.


  1. You can always #blameTanev but it's never his fault. I have to admit, while I enjoy your writing, I am relieved not to have to hear about this couple for a while.

    Maybe it's time for a Kindle kickstarter campaign. I have a great love for my Paperwhite, and use it to highlight and proofread all the time, but I have no tablet so I can't compare. Meanwhile I'll console myself by watching playoff hockey.

    1. I decided that replacing my tablet was more important that feeding myself this month, and I should have a new one in a few days...

      My nook (the simpletouch) is woooooonderful for reading on, but I just can't get comfortable using it for highlighting. To be fair, I still get physical copies of books I'm doing research from, in fact, so this is probably a personal quirk. The only reason I'm comfortable even highlighting on a tablet for the FHL is because I'm only going chapter by chapter (generally). More than that and I'd require a physical book.

      Enjoy the playoff hockey and I'll be back asap. I'm hoping to actually kind of speed through the second half of this book, depending on what happens in it and what I need to snark about. :)