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Friday, April 3, 2015

Alas, no post!

So, I've fled the country. Seriously, I ran away to Canada.

Okay, while that's technically true, it's not nearly as exciting as it sounds. I have gone to Vancouver to visit a friend to present a paper at a conference (I iz real acudemic, see?)

Since this is hard on the heels of taking students to New Mexico for a conference and before that being in Arizona for spring break, I've had a hard time keeping up with life. So there is no Fictional Hockey League post today.

There is, however, this picture of Luongo looking sad.

Also, tomorrow (April 4th) is Lu's birthday!

I'm sad, too, Lu. I'm sad, too. There should have been an FHL post. And you should still be in Vancouver when I'm there, damn it, instead of playing for the Panthers. When the hell am I ever going to see the Panthers play?

(I once saw Luongo in Phoenix. He didn't play ANY of the games against the Coyotes that I was at, which always made me sad. But I saw him once walk into a Coyotes practice, back when Coyotes practices were still open to the public, along with a few other Canucks players. They'd just finished practicing on the same ice, before the 'Yotes. All I could do was stare, frozen, for a few minutes and quietly say "Luuuuuuuu". See, Lu was the first athlete I ever admired-- I got into sports very recently, and by sports I mean hockey only, so this was a big deal.) 

On the bright side, I'll be seeing the friend who got me into hockey, so I'll still be hockey-happy, just not Fictional Hockey happy, I suppose.  (This same friend was there when Lu was at the Coyotes practice and can back me up on that story.)

Fingers crossed for a Monday return, but it might be more like Wednesday. (It is *ridiculously* hard to get from Vancouver to the middle of rural Appalachia, where I now make my home, so travel might take all the FHL writing time. Also, the fact that the Nook app on my tablet updated and it  is now a lot more of a pain to highlight things doesn't help. On the other hand, quite a number of FHL posts have been written in airports, so we shall see. We shall see. )


  1. I have been having trouble commenting again, possibly since I threw my laptop at a wall when I read that "getting re-married" was the logical solution to their fictional problems.

    But relax and enjoy your trip. Vancouver is lovely this time of year, well, relative to the rest of Canada anyway. And Luuuuuu is hilarious, so good choice there.

    1. That would be a very bad, but understandable, reaction to the "getting re-married" solution. :-P poor laptop!!

      Vancouver is gooooorgeous. And this was a nice change from the last time when I was here a few years ago... when it was January. Sadly, a short trip, but wonderful.

      FHL should, hopefully, return Wednesday. And will hopefully not lead to future laptop-tossing--- but no promises. :D