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Monday, February 9, 2015

Another Interruption :(

There have been some terrible events happening of late, in my roles other than as FHL Commissioner, and so we will be taking a short break. I will be back with more ASAP, resuming our usual MWF schedule just as soon as I can. I'm expecting by next week at the very latest.

Until then, enjoy this .gif of Chris Higgins's abs (and undergarments). It seemed the least I could do.

Seriously, I'll be back very, very soon. There was just an unexpected trip for very important reasons that took away the time I would normally spend on the FHL (and on other things, like cleaning and grading...) I'm not talking a hiatus here, just a missed day or two. DON'T DESERT ME, PLEEEEEEAAAASEE. ;)


  1. Desert you? Where would we go? All the other review sites lack your snark and hockey knowledge. Take your time and don't worry.

    1. I just know that sites/blogs without steady content tend to lose their readers and really hope that doesn't happen here. :) I enjoy writing this blog and even more enjoy that other people enjoy this blog.

      I'm hoping to have the next post up on Wednesday. At the very latest, Monday.