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Monday, September 1, 2014

Body Check: Post 19-

Chapter 11: Gazebo Sex

Brody is playing his “fantasy” by ear, so he basically does what Hayden did to him during her fantasy—having her lie down naked on a bench and entice him. (Given the previous scenes between them, it seems to me that his fantasy isn’t control so much as it is public(ish) sex. Yeah, the neighbors can’t see them while they’re in the gazebo (according to the text) but the text also makes a point of telling us later that Hayden is so loud the neighbors can hear her.)

He takes it further, though, and has her bring herself to orgasm, which she proceeds to do incredibly loudly. So much for the neighbors. They then have sex and he apologizes for how quickly it will be over.

“I love everything you do to me. Fast, slow, hard, I don’t care. Just make love to me.”

…it was the phrase make love that caused his chest to tighten. It was the first time she’d referred to what they were doing as making love… (130).

This, along with all the changes to Hayden’s earlier choices, suggests the feelings that Hayden is developing for Brody. Granted, his travel due to his career still presents an obstacle to her wanting a relationship with him, but she’s now in the heroine’s position of wanting the hero, even if she hasn’t necessarily admitted it to herself in specific words.

Hayden dashes into the house (still naked) and Brody follows her in. Unfortunately, Hayden catches sight of a bottle of wine which is enough to send her into a spiral of concern for her father, despite just having amazing sex out in the gazebo. (Brody even calls her on it, “We just had mind-blowing sex and you’re thinking about your dad?” (132).)

This leads to Brody admitting to Hayden that he has pretty much gotten confirmation of Presley’s guilt. Since he’s about to face a league investigation, Hayden melts down and asks him to lie, at least by omission, for her father’s sake.

The chapter switches to Hayden’s point of view at this point, but the scene remains the same. The manufactured conflict of Hayden asking Brody to cover for her father continues on for a short time.

“I just want to protect him.”
… “What about me? Don’t I deserve to be protected, too?”
“Your career isn’t at stake,” she protested.
“Like hell it isn’t!” His eyes flashed (133).

Amazing how well Hayden can read everything in Brody’s eyes.

This exchange goes on for another moment, long enough for Brody to declare he won’t throw away his career for the owner, “not even for you” (133) which makes Hayden physically stumble backwards, “assaulted by the force of his words.” Those are some fierce words. But it’s enough to bring Hayden back to herself and to feel bad about even asking and so she apologizes.

I know I haven’t been particularly snarky about these scenes but there hasn’t been much to latch onto. This scene does tell us how upset Hayden is about her father, but I can’t get too hung up on it given how she vacillates between “all the sex!” and “my poor dad!” Besides, it reads as, as I said, manufactured drama since it’s over as soon as it begins.

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